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Integrative Medicine Observation Program

The integrative medicine observation program is a customized program welcomes visitors from around the world to observe ACAOM clinic and/or classes to learn about traditional Chinese medicine and integrative health.  It is an opportunity to offer medical professionals and scholars with various background for academic and skills exchange.

Groups or individuals may choose any of below options:

  • Clinic observation (combining Eastern and Western medicine)
  • Clinical case studies and discussions
  • Class observation (such as: traditional Chinese medicine, Western bioscience, herbology, wellness management, integrative health and leadership)
  • Specialty class (upon request)

International visitors maybe interested in below options:

  • Educational site visits such as Texas Medical Center and NASA Johnson Space Center
  • Tours of other medical and/or academic institution (pending availability)
  • Texas city tours such as Kemah, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas
  • US city tours such as New York, Washington DC, San Francisco

Assistance with flight, hotel, transportation and meals maybe arranged.

To request information about our programs or to schedule a tour, call 713.780.9777 or 800.729.4456, email [email protected]




  • 診所見習(中西醫結合)
  • 臨床病例研討
  • 課堂見習(比如:中國傳統醫學​​,生物醫學,中藥學,健康管理學,綜合性醫學及管理)
  • 專業課程(根據您的需要安排)


  • 具有教學意義的參觀,比如德州醫學中心和美國宇航局約翰遜航天中心
  • 可參觀其他的醫療及學術機構
  • 德州城市遊,比如凱馬,聖安東尼奧,奧斯汀,達拉斯
  • 美國城市遊,比如紐約,華盛頓,舊金山


如果您想了解更多相關項目的信息或您需要安排觀光旅遊,請撥打713.780.9777或800.729.4456,或發送郵件至[email protected]