Non-Degree Programs

SUMMER 2022 – June 2022

Registration Deadline: May 13, 2022
Minimum required class sizes may apply
Course schedules may change

Food Therapy (Online)

$400/Duration 7 weeks/~2 hours per week

This course will introduce the basic philosophies of Chinese medicine including pattern differentiation.  The course will also introduce some of the basic foods for various different patterns based on observation of the tongue and signs.

Tentative Schedule
Starting June 2, Thursday at 5:30pm-7:30pm
(Total:14 hours, online)


Acupressure (Onsite)

$400/Duration 7 weeks/~2 hours per week

This course will introduce major acupuncture points on the 12 regular meridians. Students will learn about the location and functions. This course will be onsite in order to practice point location.

Tentative Schedule
Starting June 1, Wednesday at 5:30pm-7:30pm
(Total:14 hours, on campus)


Certificate in Wellness & Management and Rice University Management Certificate

$4668/Duration 1-2 semesters/~7-11 hours per week

Attendees will receive two certificates. The ACAOM certificate will introduce the concepts of Chinese medicine philosophies via a self-paced course in acupuncture, Chinese medicine philosophy, Chinese medicine physiology, and herbal medicine. It will also introduce concepts of integrative wellness and theories and principles of health promotion. The Rice University’s certificate in Leadership Principles Certificate Program will help attendees discover their leadership style and refine their skills for maximum impact. It will also assist those aspiring for leadership roles to reach new levels of success by teaching cutting-edge leadership and management concepts.

• Introduction to Chinese Medicine Philosophies (4 credits)
• Introduction to Integrative Wellness (2 credits)
• Theories & Principles of Health Promotion (3 credits)
• Rice University: Leadership Principles Certificate Program


ACAOM/Rice University Certificates and Courses

ACAOM has partnered with Rice University to offer a variety of leadership and management courses.  Some courses will lead to certificates from Rice University.

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Acupuncture Clinic Observation for Healthcare Students/Professionals

$100/6-hour shift
Clinic observation rotations are available upon request. Individuals will receive HIPAA training if not already completed and orientation. Observation will include shadowing interns during their treatment of patients. Students can decide which shift they sign up for based on availability. This opportunity will only be open to healthcare students and professionals. Proof that individuals are in the healthcare field will be required. Rotations are available based on a 6-hour shift.

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