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Transfer Credit Policy

A student who desires to have master degree semester credit hours earned at another accredited institution prior to enrolling in ACAOM count toward graduation requirements must apply for transfer of those semester hour credits at the time of admissions into the ACAOM program. Courses will be considered for transfer only if the coursework is equivalent to ACAOM courses in content and hours and is not older than six years at the time of request. There is a fee for transferring credits. See the section on “Tuition and Other Costs.

Students must provide supporting documentation and course descriptions from the college catalog where credit was earned when requesting evaluation of the course for credits toward graduation at ACAOM. If they want to take equivalent courses at another institution while attending ACAOM, they are required to obtain prior approval of such credit for transfer from the Dean of Academic Affairs. Non-accredited distance learning courses at any institution are not transferable. The 6-year limitation may be waived for certain courses for students who were advanced degree-holding, practicing health care professionals within the previous six (6) years. ACAOM reserves the right to require a competency test for any course taken beyond the six year period. Coursework taken on a non-credit basis is not transferable.

Courses equivalent in content and hours taken at an acupuncture school are directly transferable if the school is accredited, or a candidate for accreditation, by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Coursework from non-accredited acupuncture schools may be considered for transfer credit only upon successful completion of one or more competency exams as authorized by the Dean of Academic Affairs. Transfer of credits can only be considered for courses completed with a grade of “C” or better. Credits for any clinical training including internship and observation II are not transferable. Exceptions to this case must be approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs. Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a foreign educational credentials firm prior to transfer credit evaluation. An official credentialing evaluation document must be received directly from the credential evaluation institution.

In cases where insufficient supporting documentation exists to make a transfer credit determination, the Dean of Academic Affairs, after consulting with the course instructor, may require students to pass a competency test in the subject prior to awarding transfer. Students must score at least a 70 percent to pass the competency test. Credits earned by passing a competency test will be recorded as a “TC” on their academic record. A non-refundable fee for each test taken will be charged. To be granted a degree from ACAOM, a transfer student may not transfer beyond 60% of required credits for graduation.